30 Days of Discipline

After visiting New Zealand and Hong Kong, I feel the call to get some structure and discipline in my life. Four days ago I committed to the 12 habits of 30 days of discipline (30xdod).

Check out the website: https://boldanddetermined.com/30-days-of-discipline/

NOTE: Pride is full-on. I’m ignoring his hype and using his 12 habits only:

The 12 HABITS:

1) Eat healthier – no snacking
2) Wake up at 05:00 every morning
3) Cold showers only
4) No masturbation or porn
5) Daily workouts
6) Dress your best everyday
7) Create daily to-do list and do it
8) Keep correct posture and maintain eye contact
9) Answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – keep communication simple
10) Keep a notebook and pen with you at all times
11) Create definite goals
12) Take time one day a week to relax

All straightforward. The most difficult for me are #1, #4, #5 and #9.

No masturbation or porn.

Day 4.  Woke at 5am – did 100 sit-ups and 30 push-ups.  Joined a gym 2 days ago and went last night.  No snacks.  Yes and No – needs focus to do without being a twerp.

India, 2015

Two weeks ago, I was given the opportunity of attending a funeral in Lucknow, India.

While the trip’s purpose (the funeral) was somber, the trip itself was most interesting.

A little background – my grandfather on my father’s side was born and raised in India.  A doctor, he was allowed to travel to England in order to study and then, as agreed upon, to return to India and open a hospital there.   My grandfather did travel to England and he did study a medicine there.  However, he also fell in love with and married a Welsh nurse and had four children.  He settled in the UK and he never returned to India.  Indeed, he literally disappeared from sight.

Now, my father was the youngest of my grandfather’s four children.  He moved to New Zealand in the 1950s and I am his youngest son.  So, going to India had a sense, if not of “home-coming”, then at least of “returning”.

I carried with me a black and white photograph of my grandfather, taken when he was in England – a rather fierce looking man in his forties, a black suit and cigarette in one hand. He is holding my father, then aged four.

That was eighty years ago – the photo had always been merely a memento – but this trip changed that.  I met my grandfather’s nieces, now in their 80s and 90s, who still remembered the uncle who had left, never to return.  They recalled how their father had been forbidden to travel to England, because of my grandfather’s actions – their mother feared that he would disappear as well.

Given this background, I would have understood had my reception been less than warm. But, of course, time has a way of mellowing old hurts and the India that I visited two weeks ago was truly hospitable and welcoming.

It will certainly not be the last visit to “Incredible India”.


Incredible India

First post

Okinawa, formerly called the “Ryukyu Kingdom”, an island chain south of Japan – actually closer to Taiwan than the Japanese mainland – but a Japanese prefecture all the same since 1879.

Since moving to Japan in 2000, I have become enthusiastic, among other things, over green tea, or “o-cha”.  Combining Ryukyu and o-cha gave me the blog name “Ryu-cha”.

Spring is here; a full month or more earlier than in Tokyo.  The sound of birds and the scent of warmth in the air are simply more reasons to be grateful for living here.